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Sport in Wales would not happen without the thousands of people that volunteer their time. This is especially true in Target Shooting where few facilities are commercially run. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Clubs, Shooting Grounds, Shooting Associations and the events they organise.

The Future of Welsh Target Shooting is a document that presents the strategy agreed by the Member Associations that form the WTSF and how they aim to evolve shooting in Wales through to 2030.

Within the documentation there are mission and objective statements. Some of these relate to how volunteers will be recruited and supported. The full policy relating to volunteering can be read by opening the document at the bottom of this page.

Volunteering Opportunities

We are planning exciting initiatives that will run over the next few years. To be successful we are starting a recruitment campaign for volunteers. The opportunities will be varied and we are looking for volunteers with varied experience, you do not need to have a knowledge of shooting sports as all training will be provided.

Please complete the form below to register your interest

The first stage of developing the new volunteer workforce for Target Shooting in Wales is to gather together all of you who would like to be involved in helping evolve Target Shooting. Following registration you will receive a form with more detailed questions about your experience, qualifications and areas of volunteering that interest you. Depending on the volunteering role you may be asked to attend an informal interview and a Disclosure and Barring Services check may be required. From this we can assess any requirement for training. You will then start to receive updates when volunteer opportunities become available.

The WTSF recognises the rights of volunteers to:

• know what is (and what is not) expected of them
• have adequate support in their volunteering
• receive appreciation
• volunteer in a safe environment
• be insured
• know their rights and responsibilities if something goes wrong
• receive relevant out-of-pocket expenses
• receive appropriate training
• be free from discrimination
• be offered the opportunity for personal development

The WTSF expects volunteers to:

• be reliable
• be honest
• respect confidentiality
• make the most of training and support opportunities
• carry out tasks in a way that reflects the aims and values of the organisation
• carry out tasks within agreed guidelines
• respect the work of the organisation and not bring it into disrepute
• comply with the organisation’s policies


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