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The WRA is the Governing Body for Welsh full-bore rifle shooting. This covers both Target Rifle from 300yds to 1000yds and Match Rifle from 1000yds to 1200yds, all shot with 7.62 calibre. 300metre full-bore rifle shooting also comes under the WRA but there are currently no Welsh shooters participating in this discipline competitively. The 300metre discipline is usually done with 7.62 or 6mm. The emerging TR discipline of F Class, along with Gallery Rifle are also administered by the WRA.

The WRA incorporates the Welsh XX Club and provides national teams and individuals to represent Wales. The WRA has a Clubhouse facility at Bisley which currently does not offer accommodation but provides some basic facilities. Most Welsh full-bore shooting is done at Bisley due to the lack of long-range facilities and the difficulty of booking ranges in Wales. The WRA Captain organises all the shooting events which must be booked directly with him/her on the booking form sent to members at the start of the year (also available through the News section of this site). Booking must be accompanied by the appropriate fee so that the WRA can reserve enough targets and markers.

Full membership of the WRA provides benefits such as being eligible for Welsh team selection and participating in a subsidised weekend shooting where costs for targets, markers and ammunition are exceptionally good value. Coaching courses are arranged from time to time and weekend WRA Squad training is carried out where members are provided with coaching. Matches are also arranged throughout the year and an annual international match against Canada is usually held in Wales in July just prior to the Imperial Meeting.

The WRA encourages youth shooting with subsidies and scholarship awards, reduced membership fees and support with some equipment when available. There are currently three rifles available for use at WRA events and we have recently received two new rifles and spotting scopes. These have to be kept at Bisley but are available to those who are between school or Cadets and full-time jobs.

Our Membership application form is available HERE . New members are usually not charged anything after 1st Aug as there is only very limited shooting after this time. A £5 affiliation fee would be charged for the Welsh Open for instance. Prospective new members are usually asked to provide a sponsor/referee who is already a member of the WRA. A three-month probationary term of membership will also usually be applied.

Target Rifle is conducted from 300yards to 1000yards and consists of individual events and team matches. The WRA has matches against competitive teams at Bisley as preparation for the two major team matches shot during the NRA Imperial Meeting in July.  The first of these is the National Match shot over three distances, 300, 500 and 600 yards for teams of 20 shooters, Captain, Adjutant, 6 coaches and 5 reserves, against England, Scotland and Ireland and won for the first time ever in 2006 by Wales. The second match is the Mackinnon shot against International teams of 12 shooters, captain, adjutant, 5 coaches and 2 reserves at 900 and 1000yds.

Match Rifle is shot at 1000, 1100 and 1200 yds with the main representative team of 8 shooters, captain, adjutant and two reserves competing again against England Scotland and Ireland in the Elcho Match.

Gallery Rifle is shot at short to medium distances (less than 300yards) with various pistol calibres from .22inch to .45inch and 9mm. Gallery rifle, because it uses much shorter distances, is thus easier to do in Wales.

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