Coronavirus Update – 23rd June 2021

Wales Remains in Alert Level 2

Whilst some restrictions on hospitality and other activities have been eased, Wales remains in Alert Level 2. For full details of what this means, please see our article on Wales in Alert Level 2.

To make the rules easier to understand, the Welsh government has changed the terminology around indoor and outdoor activities. These were previously named ‘Organised Activities’ and are now named ‘Regulated Activities’.

Regulated activities allow for up to 30 people for indoor activities including sport, and 50 people for outdoor sport. In both of these regulated activities, they must be arranged and managed by an organisation such as a club, a business, a charity, or a national governing body.

In all activities, including outdoors, all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure the risk of infection is minimised. This continues to include social distancing of 2m, mask wearing wherever possible outside of exercise activities, and hygiene measures such as hand washing and sanitising. The determination of these mitigating actions should be the result of a thorough risk assessment by the organisers, example documents for these can be found at the foot of our Coronavirus News page.

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