Coronavirus Update – 18th May 2021

Wales Now In Alert Level 2

The First Minister for Wales announced that from Monday 17th May, Wales moved into Alert Level 2. The First Minister also announced that a further move into Alert Level 1 will be considered at the next statutory review of Coronavirus regulations on 4th June. The graphic below from Sport Wales summarises what Alert Level 2 means for sport in Wales, and the Welsh Government has published revised Alert Levels.

Limits On Outdoor And Indoor Activities Increased

The numbers of attendees for organised outdoor activities has been raised to 50 people, this does not include organisers or activity leaders. Similarly, the limit for indoor activities is now 30 people. Appropriate risk assessments for all activities must be conducted by organisers and infection risk mitigation steps should be in place, these continue to include social distancing, face covering wherever possible, and hand hygiene facilities.

Organisers and facility operators should assess their own circumstances with regards to the safe running of activities. The WTSF has published resources to assist with risk assessments for facility operators and activity organisers at the foot of this page.

Duty of Care Legal Opinion From Welsh Sports Association – Multiple Activity Groups

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) has been working with a legal partner on behalf of Welsh sport to further clarify how Coronavirus restrictions are likely to work in practice. The latest Duty Of Care Legal Opinion from the WSA’s legal partner highlights three changes around the above limits on attendees for organised activities, the allowance for multiple groups in sufficiently large spaces indoors and outdoors, and the requirement for national governing bodies to have a qualified Coronavirus Medical Officer in place for elite sport groups.

For Welsh target shooting, the most relevant change is the allowance for multiple groups at the same time if facilities and space enable the safe separation of those groups. Facility operators and activity organisers must formally assess the risk of multiple groups in their spaces and ensure that mitigation actions are in place to prevent mixing of groups, including in car parks and during entry/exit to buildings. There should be no mixing or interchange of participants or staff between groups.

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