Coronavirus Update – 17th July

Coronavirus Update – 17th July

Outdoor facilities can welcome up to 30 people, 2m social distancing remains in place

The Welsh Government have announced that from Monday 13th July 2020 group recreation and sport with up to 30 people can take place outdoors, where it is organised and supervised by a responsible person. This is welcome news for the outdoor target shooting facilities that have reopened or are currently planning their reopening.

The responsible person should ensure that all attendees can be contacted should there be a need to do so (i.e., in case of contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case). Social distancing of 2m must be maintained, however any activities that conform to this guidance can now take place. For example, target shooting facilities can now begin group coaching sessions and competitions. Some adjustments may need to be made to conform to the 2m social distancing rule and it remains the responsibility of the facility operators to ensure that these are in place.

An adjustment that we have in place for our national level coaches is the use of walkie talkies. This means that high quality 1-1 or group coaching can return and the social distance of 2m is maintained. If you have not already seen our resources on reopening target shooting facilities, see our Reopening Outdoor Target Shooting Facilities with advice from Public Health Wales as to what constitutes an outdoor facility. All of our coronavirus support documents can be found at the end of this post.

Indoor facilities remain closed, but they can prepare for reopening.

We are preparing guidance for indoor target shooting facilities to plan and reopen to visitors. This is in line with the changing guidance from Welsh government regarding health and lock-down restrictions.

The same principles for reopening outdoor target shooting facilities will apply for those indoors:

Indoor sports facilities have been given notice that reopening may be possible after the next lock-down review which will be at the end of July. We continue to work with the Welsh Sports Association, Sport Wales and National Shooting Governing Bodies and will share any changes with the Welsh target shooting network.

Can your outdoor facility help worship in Wales?

The Welsh government have asked the sport sector to consider helping people to worship outdoors. Is there a space in your facility that could help people?

Outdoor spaces with controlled access (i.e., not open to the public) could be used by worshippers when not in use for sport and recreation. Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious institutions would greatly appreciate access to these spaces to allow their communities to practice their worship.

If you think your facility might be able to help, please contact to discuss this further.


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