Welsh Target Shooting People Elected to International Shooting Sport Federation Posts

The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) governs a wide array of international competitions including the Olympic Games and World Cup events. The ISSF is composed of people from around the world who are appointed or elected to specific positions. Some positions were recently open to applications and two persons from Welsh target shooting were elected along with six other British people to a variety of positions.

Paul Gumn is the WTSF’s Company Secretary and has a long history of technical work for the ISSF. Paul was re-elected to the Technical Committee which oversees competition rule changes and discipline parameters.

Robert Shawyer has led the development of target sprint training and performance in Wales since 2017 and was elected on to the ISSF Target Sprint Committee. Robert continues to be an engine for target sprint within the UK and his presence within the ISSF bodes well for the future of UK talent.

Congratulations to both Paul and Robert on their elections, and good luck in their advocacy for target shooting in their ISSF roles.

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