Welsh Schools Air Rifle Championships

The WTSF is pleased to offer a new competition for Air Rifle which will take place alongside the Schools Pistol Championships.

Closing Date for Entries: Thursday 26th October 2023

This is NOT an event linked to the British Shooting Schools Rifle Championships.

The competitions will be shot on electronic targets set up for the Welsh Open Airgun Championships which runs from 3rd to 6th November. Welsh Airgun Championships 2023

The link to the Eventbrite entry form is at the bottom of this page.


The Championships consists of Sporter and Precision Air Rifle categories for Individuals at 10m. All categories are mixed gender and physical ability.

The WTSF welcomes novice to experienced athletes to participate in these Championships representing their schooling establishment (home schooling is allowed).

Entry fees £8.00 per entry.

All entry fees to be paid with your online entry.


Athletes are classed within each category according to their school year. All age categories are mixed gender and physical ability.

Athletes may shoot SPG (Springer) or PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) air rifles. Athletes will be noted on the results as shooting a SPG or PCP and awards will be presented for the highest placed SPG in each class.




1st – 3rd place Medal in each category, Junior, Inter, Senior and Open.

Top Springer result in each category will receive a certificate of achievement.

Shooting Experience

It is expected that athletes have had previous experience at Air Rifle shooting, for example in the Scouts, at School, or at Shooting Club, for example.

Disabled Athletes

Athletes with any physical disability can compete in the Schools Rifle Championships, this championship is not suitable for athletes with visual impairment or an intellectual disability.

All athletes (non-disabled and disabled) will compete alongside one another.

Sharing Air Rifles

A maximum of 2 competitors can share one rifle. It is the team leader’s responsibility to ensure a clash does not occur where 1 or more athletes need to use the same rifle at the same time.

See the provisional schedule below for a guide on the event timing.


Entries must be received prior to the closing date. Late entries will not be accepted.

Withdrawals & Refunds

If you wish to withdraw, please contact [email protected] Refunds of 50% of the entry fee will be made if withdrawal is more than 5 days prior to the start of the event. Withdrawals within 5 days and ‘no shows’ will not receive a refund.

Event Cancellation

If we cancel the competition, you’ll be notified via the contact email address stated on your entry form and entry fees will be refunded.


[email protected]

Competition rules

1. Safety

The Chief Range Officer may remove any athlete deemed to be unsafe from the competition.

2. Disabled Athletes – Supported Rifle

Due to the nature of the disability, if an athlete cannot hold the rifle with two hands, they have the option to support the rifle from an adjustable stand/rest. Disabled athletes can be seated.

3. Range

All shooting will be completed at 10m distance on MegaLink electronic target system.

4. Pellets

Athletes provide their own 4.5mm (.177”) pellets. Only lead or similar soft material projectiles can be used.

5. Air Rifle specifications

Springer (SPG) and Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Air Rifle types are allowed. 4.5mm (0.177 calibre) with a maximum power of 7.5 Joules. Single load no repeater magazines unless used as single loaders.


Air Rifle specifications: NSRA Sporter Air Rifle Rules


Air Rifle specifications: ISSF Rifle Rulebook see rules 7.4.4, and

6. Equipment Control

There will be no equipment control, however, ISSF qualified officials will be able to advise.

7. Refill Air Cylinder

Free air cylinder refill facilities will be available. Athletes must bring their own refill adapter.

8. Clothing

A glove is the only specialist shooting clothing allowed. Loose fitting clothing to be worn. NO JEANS. Athletes wearing jeans will not be allowed to shoot. No shoes to support the ankle.


Athletes are allowed to wear jackets and trousers if they abide by the ISSF rules.

9. Safety Flags

Safety flags are to be inserted into the rifle barrel at all times when the rifle is not in use.

10. Preparation and Practice

All athletes will be called to the line and given 5mins practice time to shoot an unlimited number of practice shots at the start of their detail.

11. Dry firing

Dry firing may be permitted only in the designated Preparation Area.

12. Range Commands

Unbox your rifles, ensure safety flags are inserted. Load – Start – Stop. Rifles to be checked by Range Staff, before being boxed.

13. Event Format

20 competition shots in 20 minutes on electronic targets. Call to the line will be 10 minutes before the start time. Preparation and sighting time will be 5 minutes, unlimited shots.

There will be no finals.

An athlete cannot compete in Sporter and Precision.

14. Scoring

Sporter and precision competitions will be scored using decimal scoring.

14.1. Penalties

Penalties will be applied in accordance with the ISSF rules.

14.2. Ties:

Ties will be determined by countback of scores in groups of 5 shots

14.3. Protest time:

Protest time will be 10 minutes following the published scores.

15. Rule Change:

WTSF reserve the right to change the rules as appropriate to meet local operating procedures. If any rule is changed, notification will be made in advance of competition.

16. SECTION 21 of the Firearms Act 1968.

Prohibits the possession of a firearm & ammunition (under any circumstances) by any person who has been convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term of imprisonment (or its equivalent for young persons) of three months or more. This is also applicable where sentence is suspended. The prohibition applies in all circumstances, including handling at an approved shooting range or at a clay pigeon shoot where a certificate is not ordinarily required. It also applies to the possession or use of other categories of firearms & ammunition such as air guns or shotgun cartridges for which a certificate is not needed.

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Provisional Schedule

Sporter Juniors will be on detail 1.

Sporter Inters will be on detail 1 or 2.

Sporter Seniors will be on detail 2 or 3.

Precision Open will be on detail 3.

The final schedule will be sent prior to the event with the athlete pre-event information pack.

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