Welsh professionals for Welsh sport via #Count Me In

#CountMeIn launches today with a global online outreach event

The Welsh Sports Association is launching a new initiative to pool Welsh expertise from around the globe for Welsh sport. From 4pm today, everyone is welcome to join the event that focuses on building a Knowledge Bank of skills and experience which can be drawn upon to help Welsh sport build back better.

The concept of the Knowledge Bank is described as ‘professionals from all walks of life –including those with marketing, social media, accountancy, business development and governance backgrounds – can ‘deposit’ donations of their time – days or hours into the Knowledge Bank, and sports can ‘cash it in’ to help improve their organisations and therefore the members they service.

Further, the Welsh Sports Association state that ‘from as little as a donation of a day’s worth of expertise to our Knowledge Bank, your business know-how and capability could make a huge positive difference to the viability and resilience of a sports organisation, and ultimately, to the well-being of the people of Wales.’

Anyone can register their interest and expertise with the Welsh Sports Association here.

Have professionals have helped Welsh Shooting?

Yes. The Welsh Target Shooting Federation’s board of directors was expanded to include four non-executive director positions. The board recruited professionals with expertise in digital media and web-design, governance and legal, and finance and risk management. These directors provided an internal bank of knowledge which has been used in launching this website, improving the Federation’s internal governance, and updating the Federation’s financial planning and spending.

The Welsh Target Shooting Federation is excited that there will now be a shared and persistent source of professional expertise from around the world which can be leveraged to help achieve Welsh sport goals.

Professionals in Welsh target shooting, please consider donating to the Knowledge Bank

The Welsh target shooting network includes many people with decades of professional experience across a range of domains. Lawyers, doctors, engineers, IT consultants and many other professions are represented in the Welsh target shooting community and donating to the Knowledge Bank would be an excellent way to give back to Welsh sport, and provides the opportunity for positive impact in other sports. Please consider a donation on this page, and join the Welsh Sports Association’s event here.


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