Tim aiming for success in Paris 2024


Introducing Tim Jeffery,

Tim is a Paralympian, currently training for Paris 2024. He has made 3 finals when he competed in Tokyo 2020, and he is currently working hard to get a podium finish in Paris 2024.

Tim has been training in at the National Sport Wales Centre Ranges to get him to ever closer to that podium finish. Tim has been supported by the coaches of the Welsh Target Shooting Federation and find the facilities a massive benefit to his work.

Tim commented and said “Access to facilities such as the ranges at the Sport Wales facility are massively beneficial to my progress and training, especially in the run up to an event like Paris 2024. We do have limited options across the UK for world class venues to train at, so it is important to my training to be able to access facilities like the ones Sport Wales can provide, really helping be prepare as best I can for competing on the world stage.

Tim has been training up to 4 days a week to make sure he can perform against some of the best shooters in the UK.

Tim poses on the range

He stated that “the facilities excellently maintained and run with access all year round, allowing me to really tailor my training to what is best for me and my upcoming season. They also attract a number of world class athletes from across the UK to create a truly world class environment and allow shoulder to shoulder training with some of the best shooters from across the whole of the UK.

We wish Tim all the best with his training and hope he can bring home a podium finish in Paris this year.

Pob Lwc Tim !!!!

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