Shotgun Success at the Grand Prix 2023

A team from the Welsh Shotgun performance squad went to Spain to compete in the Grand Prix 2023.  Mike & Sarah Wixey from main performance squad, were joined by academy squad shooters Katie Cowel and Emyr Davies with Richard Stepney as team coach.

Weather was on the Chilly side and with the tree and cloud shadow, this made visualising the targets difficult. The shooter’s had to deal with a tough, cold East wind were keeping warm was a priority.

Mike Wixey displayed an excellent all-round performance throughout and just come up short which meant, he only just missed making final by two clay targets. Emyr shot an excellent 24 to start but fell away as the shadows and lighting was proving a little difficult.

Sarah and Katie started off very well and were keeping on target throughout the competition. Both of girls made final in with Sarah finishing 2nd with a brilliant 25 points at the end, Katie also shot very well and finished 3rd just one clay target behind Sarah.

In the Semi Finals Katie missed making medal final by two clay targets with the misfortune of several misfires. However, Sarah made the Medal final and came out in first place to win the competition.

A number of excellent performances from our shooters. Making it a great start to 2023.


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