Mike Bamsey Return To Training

This week we have caught up with athlete Mike Bamsey, who has continued to practice as much as possible throughout lockdown.

“I have been training with SCATT during the lockdown. The Army Troops To Target rifle programme has been working on basic skills and drills from day one. Each week is a new fundamental basic skill that can easily become overlooked by everyday training”.

“I have entered the British Shooting SCATT League in order to keep my match plan updated and also to experiment with other technical measures and strategies for shooting competitions. I am also preparing to go back to work and attend a course which has been my main focus recently.”

“I aim to be hitting the ground running upon my return to training, focusing on the upcoming major season and re-establishing myself as a key member of the GB men’s rifle team. Lockdown has been really good for addressing the shortcomings in my technique that I would overlook normally.”

“I think it has been a great advantage for those who are actually looking to improve via marginal gains as we have the time now to look at them that we wouldn’t normally.”

Pob lwc, Mike!

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