Junior International Competition 2024

Junior International – Rifle and Pistol – Bisley

Monday 5th to Thursday 8th August 2024

If you would like to be considered for selection to compete for the WTSF please complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form. The link is below. Before completing the form please read the following information:

Athletes will be selected from those who have submitted a completed EOI form by 23:00 on the 23rd May 2024. The selection panel will comprise the Performance Director and lead coaches for Rifle and Pistol.

We welcome submissions from all eligible athletes, details of eligibility are on the EOI form.

The minimum consideration score (MCS) required to be selected is shown in the table below. Achieving an MCS does not guarantee selection. There will be a maximum team size due to staffing ratios.

The MCS is determined using the previous 2 years results at the Junior International and is set at the 50-percentile mark.



Air Pistol 10m ISSF

Junior Men


Air Pistol 10m ISSF

Junior Women


Air Pistol 25m Sport

Junior Men


Air Pistol 25m Sport

Junior Women


Air Pistol 25m Standard

Junior Open


Air Pistol 25m Rapid Fire

Junior Open


Air Rifle 10m ISSF

Junior Men


Air Rifle 10m ISSF

Junior Women


Rifle 50m Prone ISSF

Junior Men


Rifle 50m Prone ISSF

Junior Women


Sporter Air Rifle 10m



Target Sprint athletes will be selected through trial events and will be notified of selection by Robert Shawyer.


The WTSF will pay the competition entry fees for each competition entered in which an athlete has achieved an MCS.

Athletes who have been selected to compete in an event where they have achieved an MCS may choose to enter other events at their own cost. Each event entry fee will be £20.

The JI organisers charge an administration charge of £18 per athlete. This charge will be invoiced to each athlete at the time of selection and is non-refundable.

Athletes will be responsible for their cost of travel, accommodation and food.


The WTSF policies relating to safeguarding and taking teams away can be viewed on the following pages:


Taking Teams Away

Where possible under 18-year-old athletes should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If not possible, another adult may agree to act as a guardian.

All selected athletes and parents of under 18-year-olds will be required to sign a code of conduct agreement.


The WTSF will not be making accommodation bookings but will help with recommendations if you are unsure where to stay.


The team administering and coaching for JI2024 are:

Timetable of events

The timetable is expected to be the same as last year, the list below is for guidance. There are multiple relays in each event and your individual timetable will be based on which events you enter.

Monday 5th – Target Sprint – 25m Standard Pistol

Tuesday 6th – 10m Air Rifle – 10m Air Pistol – 25m Sport Pistol – 50m Prone Rifle

Wednesday 7th – 10m Air Pistol – 10m Air Rifle – 10m Sporter Rifle – 25m Sport Pistol – 25m Rapid Fire Pistol

Thursday 8th – 10m Sporter Rifle – 10m Air Pistol – 25m Rapid Fire Pistol – 50m Prone Rifle


If you have any questions please email them to us at JI2024 WTSF Email

Now the important bit……….

The Expression of Interest Form, remember submit before the end of Thursday 23rd May.

If the form above is not working, click this link


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