Coronavirus Update – 26th August

Coronavirus Update – 26th August

Indoor and outdoor target shooting facilities can reopen.

Since 10th August the Welsh government’s coronavirus legislation and guidelines have allowed indoor target shooting facilities to reopen as well as outdoor facilities. Target shooting facilities in Wales can use our advice and documents to plan their reopening. The same principles apply for reopening outdoor and indoor target shooting facilities:

Visitors should be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to each visit, Public Health Wales have advised the following wording for these questionnaires:

The WSA updated the Duty of Care guidance on August 24th, the latest version is available for downloads here Duty Of Care Guidance For Sport During Covid V6 2020 08 24, and on our main Coronavirus update page with all our other resources.

We recommend that both administrators and facility operators or coaches use the free World Rugby online courses for COVID-19 return to play awareness.

Financial assistance is available to help target shooting facilities to re-open through the Be Active Wales grant scheme. Details are here. We recommend that Clubs and Grounds apply to cover the additional costs due to the extra safety measurements that need to be put in place.

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