Coronavirus Update – 22nd April 2021

What is allowed and when is it allowed?

The Welsh Government has published further details on the relaxation of Coronavirus public health restrictions and an expected timeline, new Frequently Asked Questions advice has also been updated today. Below are the details of these relaxations and what it means for target shooting in Wales, the full details of these changes to Coronavirus restrictions can be found here

Travel in and out of Wales is now allowed

From April 12th restrictions on travel in to and out of Wales from countries in the Common Travel Area (CTA) were lifted. The CTA includes UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and the Republic of Ireland. Travel to countries outside of the CTA without a reasonable excuse remain in place.

For target shooting, this means that people can travel to their local facility even if it means crossing a border within the CTA. It also enables travel to facilities further afield, such as Bisley in Surrey.

More organised outdoor activities to be allowed from Monday 26th April

In addition to the organised activities for children that began around Easter, the Welsh government is relaxing restrictions on organised outdoor activities for adults. Up to 30 people will be able to attend organised activities from Monday 26th April. This is earlier than the planned date of May 3rd, however infection mitigation such as social distancing and good hygiene should remain in place wherever possible. Regarding the limit of 30 persons, the government guidance states that ‘Events involving waves or staggered starts should not be allowed if there is any risk the 30 person limit is breached during any stage of the activity.

Some flexibility exists in social distancing rules to facilitate organised activities. This has been reviewed by legal experts commissioned by the Welsh Sports Association and in line with Welsh government guidelines, a legal opinion has since been published to help organisations interpret the laws and government guidance. Where close contact (face-to-face within 1m or 15 minutes at 2m) is unavoidable due to the nature of the activity, organisers must assess the infection risks of the close contact activity. Please note that this advice is distinct from advice regarding child activity distancing and organising activities in schools. Clear records showing the consideration of why close contact is necessary and the reasonable steps to further mitigate infection risks should be maintained and readily available. Where risks are found to be unacceptably high, organisers should not seek to run their activities.

All facility operators and activity organisers must complete risk assessments and take all reasonable steps to include mitigation such as social distancing and clearly record the reasons for or against using mitigation actions. Organisers and facility operators remain responsible for activities taking place under their supervision or on their premises and are advised to get in touch with the Welsh Target Shooting Federation if they are unsure of how to assess their situation.

Indoor activities to be allowed from Monday 3rd May

In addition to the reintroduction of extended households, indoor activities at gyms, leisure centres, and fitness facilities will be allowed from Monday 3rd May. This will now include indoor fitness classes for up to 15 people in addition to one-to-one coaching. Further guidance on the reopening of indoor facilities is expected to arrive in the coming weeks, facility operators and activity organisers are advised to follow the same cautious approach as seen with outdoor facilities and to maintain infection mitigation wherever possible.

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