Coronavirus Update – 14th September

Local Lock-downs, Face Coverings, the ‘Rule of Six’, and Isolating Pupils.

Due to increasing rates of confirmed coronavirus cases across the UK in recent weeks, the UK and Welsh governments have implemented new rules to limit infection risks but maintain social and economic activities. Both indoor and outdoor shooting facilities across Wales can remain open, the information below summarises the recent changes and the impact on target shooting facilities.

How to comply with local lock-downs

Caerphilly County Borough Council area (see map here) has seen a sharp increase in confirmed coronavirus cases and local restrictions that are stricter than the rest of Wales came in to force at 6pm on September 8th 2020. The following rules apply for visitors and everyone living or working in the area:

The rules allow for businesses and venues in the area to remain open, this includes indoor and outdoor shooting facilities but all reasonable measures must be taken to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus. We have a number of resources on our main coronavirus page to help facilities operate safely. Travel restrictions mean that you should not travel in to or out of a local lock-down area for target shooting. This means that people in Caerphilly can continue to shoot at open facilities inside the area, however people should not travel into the area for target shooting.

The WTSF supports the Welsh Clay Target Shooting Association and their clarification on shotgun shooting within the Caerphilly area.

When to wear face coverings

From 14th September face coverings (i.e., nose and mouth) are a legal requirement in indoor public places across Wales. This applies to visitors and staff at a wide range of locations including target shooting facilities. We recommend that visitors and staff wear face coverings in all indoor spaces at any target shooting facility, whether the range itself is indoors or outdoors.

Face coverings do not need to be worn whilst someone is shooting, but should be worn at all other times indoors. There are exceptions for medical reasons and where face coverings are not possible, in these instances social distancing should be in place.

‘Rule of Six’ does not apply to organised sport

The recent change to social meeting limits do not apply to organised sporting activities where responsible persons are leading the session and procedures are in place to limit infection risks and facilitate test and tracing. This means that target shooting facilities following government guidance and in line with our recommendations can continue to welcome members and visitors. We strongly recommend that all target shooting facilities increase their vigilance for distancing, face covering, and contact tracing measures.

The rule of no more than 6 people meeting for social reasons includes extended households in Wales. People in Wales should not be meeting with others indoors, unless they are in their extended household and the total number of people is six or less.

Isolating Pupils

As pupils begin their third week back at school, it is important to know if or when you should self-isolate after coronavirus cases are confirmed with tests. What to do if you live with a pupil who has been sent home due to close contact with a confirmed case:

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