Jatin Patel

Finance Director

The Finance Director is responsible for financial oversight and reporting for the WTSF. The Finance Director works closely with WTSF staff to oversee finance operations and support risk management, including the implementation of mitigating procedures.

Jatin has a background in international financial services with expertise in strategy execution, start-ups and business transformation at Citigroup, SEI Investments, MetLife, KBL European Private Bankers (Monaco) and most recently with The Royal Mint. Jatin’s industry experience is in delivering improved profitability, market entry and expansion, and turnarounds and instilling a de-risked business model through risk awareness, governance frameworks; generating significant stakeholder and life-time customer value, with extensive geographical experience within UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In his role as Finance Director, he is focused is on ensuring that WTSF finances support the delivery of the strategic plan and improving financial risk management.

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