insport Disability Inclusion Award

insport Award For Disability Inclusion

The insport certification scheme is a collaboration between Sport Wales and Disability Sport Wales to help Welsh sports improve their offers to disabled people and ensure that the vision for sport in Wales equally captures people with disabilities. The scheme begins at Ribbon and extends to Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

This week, the Welsh Target Shooting Federation received official confirmation that the first step on this journey has been successfully evidenced during a presentation to an expert panel in November 2020. The Ribbon certification is due to the inclusive nature and opportunities in all Welsh target shooting disciplines, from para-clay to visually-impaired rifle and everything in between.

The confirmation letter from the chairs of both Disability Sport Wales and Sport Wales reads:

‘Every National Governing Body has an essential role to play in ensuring that physical activity, including sport, is delivered to as many people as possible, and without that opportunity to be linked to being from specific groups.  Wales has a proud and strong association with high standard, high quality and innovative delivery of disability sport to its population, which has resulted in Wales being the most successful Paralympic Nation (per-capita) for the past 4 Paralympic cycles.  The work you are currently doing, and have committed to do in the future, will assure that an inclusive philosophy to sport is embedded within planning, development, and provision of opportunity; ultimately providing a long lasting legacy for this success to continue into ongoing Paralympic cycles.’

The expert panel was unanimous in their decision to award the insport Ribbon certification and noted how the organisation has much momentum for the next level of certification. In their feedback, they highlighted areas of best practice and provided recommendations. The three key areas of best practice were:

The three recommendations linked to ongoing improvement of provision for disabled people were:

Top Down Commitment To Disability Inclusion

Target shooting in Wales has a long history of disability inclusion. However, in early 2020 and with the launch of the new strategic plan, the WTSF board refined an inclusive philosophy for the organisation and committed to a WTSF inclusion statement:

The WTSF is committed to ensuring that there are opportunities for disabled people to try, participate, and compete in target shooting.’

The explicit and public commitment to disability inclusion brings the sentiment in line with the activities we have seen over many years. The WTSF board also committed to immediate advancement through the insport journey by aiming for the next certification next year. Whilst the WTSF is celebrating the Ribbon certification, work has already begun on achieving the Bronze in 2021.

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