Be Active Wales Fund – New fund to protect and prepare grassroots sport

Be Active Wales Fund

New fund to protect and prepare grassroots sport

A new fund of up to £4million has been launched by Sport Wales to help grassroots sports clubs and organisations that are currently facing an uncertain future.

With so much community sport on pause due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the new Be Active Wales Fund is a lifeline to help them not only weather the Covid 19 storm but to also rebuild and restart.

Thanks to the Welsh Government and re-purposed money from the National Lottery, clubs and organisations will be able to make sure they can continue to keep their communities active by applying for a grant of between £300 and £50,000.

Applications can be made online at where you’ll also find a comprehensive guide on how to apply. The Welsh Target Shooting Federation is also on hand to support clubs with their applications.

John Dallimore said: “We’re all thrilled that target shooting has been able to restart but we’re fully aware that many of our clubs still need support. This new fund will provide crucial financial backing to help clubs survive the current crisis and also introduce the safety measures which are required to follow our guidance on ensuring a safe return to activity. We’d like to thank Sport Wales for establishing the Be Active Wales Fund, and also recognise the support of the Welsh Government and National Lottery.”

Sport Wales Chief Executive Sarah Powell said: “Grassroots sport has been hit incredibly hard. Thankfully, more than half a million pounds of emergency funding has already saved a huge number of clubs, and we’re pleased to be able to launch this new fund which will provide even more support at a time when it is so badly needed.

“Our clubs and groups are crucial in keeping the people of Wales active. If they don’t stay afloat or they can’t reopen safely, we can expect another crisis – that of inactivity and ill-health. We must not let that happen. Clearly, clubs will need to adapt many of their activities so that they fully adhere to health guidelines and social distancing requirements. The Be Active Wales Fund will help make that possible.”

Research carried out by Sport Wales suggests that the inequality gap in sports participation has intensified during lockdown, most notably for those living in deprived areas. As a result, the WTSF will be doing everything they can to help the Be Active Wales Fund reach those communities who need it most. For full details, visit

John Dallimore is the point of contact within the WTSF for enquiries about the Be Active Wales Fund. Contact details here.



Frequently asked questions

What can I apply for?

The Be Active Wales Fund has two main purposes:

1. To Protect: Providing financial support for organisations that are in immediate financial risk or danger. Clubs can apply for up £5,000 (minimum £300) to help with revenue expenditure on:

Rent, Utility costs, Insurances, Facility or equipment hire (where there is a fixed cost)

2. To Prepare: Providing financial support to help prepare organisations to re-start their activity or grow participation.

*It is important to emphasise that ‘prepare’ applications are required to align to guidelines provided by Welsh Government and the Welsh Target Shooting Federation around the ‘return to sport’, which can be found in our regular Coronavirus updates

How much can I apply for?

The Be Active Wales Fund provides grants from a minimum of £300 (maximum to be confirmed). Clubs can apply for up £50,000 (minimum £300) to help specifically protect their activity.

Who can apply?

The Be Active Wales Fund is available to organisations delivering community sport and physical activity. Its priority at present is to protect or prepare organisations following the Coronavirus lockdown. These organisations include:

How can I apply?

Applications are made online using the links on the Sport Wales website:

When can I apply?

The Be Active Wales Fund is open now and the WTSF urges clubs and grounds to make applications.

How can I apply if I don’t have access to internet?

Applications are made online to ensure that all necessary information and documentation is included to process the grant applications. However, we are aware that some people will find it difficult to apply online. If you need assistance to make an application please contact the WTSF.

Where can I get more information about the fund?

Where is this money coming from?

The Be Active Wales Fund is supported by the National Lottery and Welsh Government. The National Lottery provides millions of pounds every year for Sport Wales to distribute to grassroots sport in Wales. Given the situation being faced by clubs across the country, we are concentrating our grant funding on protecting clubs, and preparing them to restart.

Can I still apply for a Community Chest or Development Grant?

No. The Be Active Wales Fund is the only grant currently available through Sport Wales.

Are there other grants available to support sports clubs apart from the Be Active Wales Fund?

Yes. Some Local Authorities are distributing funds. You will also find a comprehensive list of other grants, loans and support on Club Solutions.

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